How’s your phone bill??

July 1, 2009

With recently relocating, it’s come home to me just how expensive it can be to use a cellphone for everything!  Even with all the included minutes you can get, trying to run a business from your cellphone just doesn’t make any sense if you have a fixed office to work from.  With a little help from your internet connection, you can DRAMATICALLY reduce your phone bills!

How?  Our friends over at Skype, that’s how!  You can download their software for free, install it on your computer and instantly start talking with other Skype users all over the world absolutely for free.  No big deal there – MSN messenger has been doing that for years, but Skype does have a nice look to it – and it’s available cross platform, so Linux and Mac users are on the same system too.

Where it really gets exciting though is with a paid subscription – check this out, for just $2.95 per month (no – that’s not a typo!) you can get UNLIMITED US and Canada calling, right from your PC!!  Then for little more you can add the rest of the world, either just some countries, or the whole globe.

Still sound a bit geeky?  Well – you can now buy Skype hardware from WalMart – which means you can just plug a regular phone into your internet router and you don’t even need to have your computer switched on to make or receive those calls.

If you’re looking to reduce your phone bills, you have to check out what Skype has to offer.  If nothing else, you could cut that AT&T bill down to size by getting just the basic local phone service and use Skype for long distance – the possibilities are endless.  Have fun – and you can find me on Skype at GaryBailey2008!


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